DCMTK Expansion Modules

Not all functions around the DCMTK are included in the freely available variety. The following tables show whether the desired function is supported by a paid extension. There is a difference between the variants "source code" and "command line programme" in which you can purchase DCMTK extensions. Therefore, please select the desired functionality from the appropriate table, depending on whether you want to perform a specific task (e.g. decompress JPEG2000 compressed images) or develop your own software based on DCMTK:


Expansion Module


Print Management SCU DCMPRINT (Client or Source Code) TCPPRT
Print Management SCP DCMPRINT (Server or Source Code) TCPSRV
Print Management C++ Class Library DCMPRINT (Source Code)
Compress DICOM images to DICOM JPEG 2000 transfer syntax DCMJP2K DCMCJP2K
Decompresses DICOM JPEG 2000 images to an uncompressed transfer syntax DCMJP2K DCMDJP2K
DICOM JPEG 2000 C++ Class Library DCMJP2K (Source Code)  
Modality Performed Procedure Step (MPPS) SCP DCMPPS or PPSMGR PPSSCPFS or PPSMGR
MPPS SCP C++ Class Library DCMPPS (Source Code) or PPSMGR (Source Code)  
Modality Performed Procedure Step (MPPS) SCU DCMPPSCU or PPSMGR MPPSSCU or PPSMGR
MPPS SCU C++ Class Library DCMPPSCU (Source Code) or PPSMGR (Source Code)  
Storage Commitment SCU C++ Class Library DCMSTCOM (Source Code)