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DICOM standard and supplements

The web server of the DICOM committee contains the final text of the current issue of the DICOM standard as well as the latest supplements.

The NEMA Webserver

DICOM Cookbook

The "DICOM cookbook" from Philips Medical Systems is a recommendable, understandable technical introduction to DICOM. The document is available in PDF format and can be read with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

DICOM Cookbook

DICOM software

Besides the OFFIS DICOM Toolkit DCMTK there are several other free DICOM software packages. As far as possible, these packages are automatically mirrored in gzip compressed form on the DICOM FTP server at OFFIS.

The Mallinckrodt CTN software

The Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology, St. Louis,USA, has developed a DICOM implementation for the RSNA. This software has been maintained and used at RSNA InfoRAD's DICOM demonstrations since 1992.

Mirror area at OFFIS
Mallinckrodt FTP Server

David Clunie's dicom3tools

This toolkit converts a multitude of proprietory image formats to DICOM. It also contains tools for processing DICOM files.

David Clunie's dicom3tools (HTTP)

UCDAVIS DICOM implementation

A DICOM implementation from the University of California at Davis, USA. This software can be compiled on Windows and MacOS.

Mirror area at OFFIS
UCDAVIS FTP Server (offline)

Brown University DICOM implementation

An implementation for storage media exchange of lossless compressed DICOM images. This software has been developed by the Brown University, USA, for the DISC 1995 demonstration of the American College of Cardiology.

Mirror area at OFFIS
Penn State University FTP Server (offline)

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